Car Seat Compatibility & Fitting Lists

Car Seat Compatibility & Fitting Lists



You may be surprised to learn that not all car seats are designed to fit all cars.  

Furthermore, just because a car seat is of a high quality and considered “safe”, it does not mean it will be safe in every car.

If a car seat is installed incorrectly or it is not compatible with the car it has been installed in, then the seat will not perform the way it has been designed, and may even become dangerous. Even car seats that are considered ‘universal’ or ‘semi-universal’ are not guaranteed to fit correctly in every car. While R129 (i-Size) seats may be compatible with the car passenger seat, they may not be suitable for your child’s use.

You must always check.

Common Issues Fitting Car Seats

There are often a number of challenges when fitting car seats.  Some of these may seem obvious, others perhaps less so. Here are a few of the examples of areas our staff will consider with you when selecting your seat. This is apart from your requirements of your child.

  • 2, 3 or 5 door car
  • Height of front-seat passengers
  • Other children
  • Shape of seats
  • Length and position of seat belt buckles
  • Availability of Isofix
  • Is there a top tether point
  • Car manufacturers restrictions

Whilst car seat manufacturers have car seat fitting lists or suitability lists, these do not always give the full picture. That is not to say that fitting lists are ineffective.  It is imperative that the seat is ‘approved’ for use in your car. It is however only one part of a requirement for achieving the most suitable seat.  Fitting lists are simply a guide and a compatible fit cannot be guaranteed. The only way you will be able to ensure compatibility is if we physically fit car seats into your car(s) before purchasing.

Car Seat Compatibility & Fitting Lists

Below you will find approval lists – or compatibility checkers – for all of the seats that we stock (where possible).


Axkid, a Swedish company, was founded in 2009. They specialise in rear-facing seats, and promote rear-facing for as long as possible.


BeSafe, a Norwegian Company, have been manufacturers of Children’s car seats since 1963.  They specialise in extended rear-facing seats.


Britax Romer has been making children’s car seat since 1966. They offer the widest range of seating products available in the market.


Cybex, a relatively new company in the nursery industry, merged with Goodbaby Holdings International in 2015. Their Modus Operandi is unique design, unsurpassed safety and quality and intelligent functionality.


Diono started business in Seattle in 1999 as Sunshine Kids, introducing it’s first child car seat in 2005. Since then they have expanded to 54 countries around the world.


gb, Goodbaby International Holdings is a brand which was created through a merger between CYBEX and Goodbaby Holdings international in 2015. They aim to incorporate technology with iconic design.


Joie, a member of the Alison Baby Group, is one of the newer car seat manufacturers who were founded in 2011. They have seats in all categories, forward and rear-facing. Joie do not have downloadable vehicle lists, you can access their interactive Fit Guide using the links below.


Klippan are a Finnish company who have been producing car seats since 1967. They offer a number of extended rear-facing seats.

  • Century (no vehicle list available)
  • Kiss 2 Plus (no vehicle list available)
  • Triofix Comfort (no vehicle list available)

Maxi Cosi

Maxi Cosi is a well-known brand, now part of the Dorel UK. A company that came to prominence in the 1980’s it built its reputation on an excellent range of infant carriers. Maxi Cosi do not provide downloadable vehicle lists, but you can find the link to their Car Seat Advisory tool below.


Nuna, a member of the Alison Baby Group, are a Dutch brand who were established in 2007. They offer a small range of specifically rear-facing seats.


  • Monza Nova 2 Seatfix (no vehicle list available)

Getting your car seat professionally fitted

Here at In Car Safety Centre, we will physically bring every car seat out to the car during your in-store appointment and fit it as we want to ensure that you and your child will get the best and safest car seat option for you. We have the most extensive range of car seats available in the UK. This gives us the best opportunity to provide you with the most appropriate and suitable seat for your child and your car. We will only supply you a seat that has been ‘approved’ for your car.

Contact your nearest showroom and book a free consultation today.