What Is ISOFIX & Does My Car Support It?

What is an ISOFIX base?

ISOFIX is the international standard for child car seat fittings in cars.

It is a metal attachment that is built into your vehicle’s seating by the car manufacturer. This attachment matches corresponding ISOFIX ‘fingers’ found on children’s car seats designated ‘ISOFIX seats’.

The system allows you to simply connect the ISOFIX child seat onto the ISOFIX positions located in the seats of your car.

Does my car have ISOFIX?

Probably, but not always.

ISOFIX was first introduced in 1997 so it’s been around a while. It was developed by Britax-Romer in collaboration with VW and by 2001, most European cars are believed to have integrated the technology.

They are not always obvious. They may be covered by a plastic cover. They are welded into the back of the seat and are like a rectangular loop. The easiest way to locate your ISOFIX points is through your car instruction manual.

Alternatively, look for the ISOFIX identifier on the rear seats. Normally, these are the two outboard positions on the rear seat. They may also be found in the front seat of some vehicles.

If you sit in the seat, you will usually find them either side of your backside around the area where the back of the seat meets the cushion.


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