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In Car Safety Centre has been at the forefront of children's car safety for over 30 years!

Children’s car seats are an essential safety item, designed to save your child’s life in the event of a collision. On UK roads, in 2018, 11 children were killed and 283 seriously injured with life changing effects. This is a figure we would hope to change. 70% of children’s car seats are either inappropriate for the child, incorrectly fitted or incompatible with the car.

We pride ourselves in being a fully independent company. We advise, explain and demonstrate our products helping you to make an informed choice. Our staff do not have ‘sales targets’ to meet. We aim to find the perfect seat that is suitable for your vehicle(s), your child, and we will never suggest moving your child to the next seat if the one they have is still perfectly suitable.

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How we work

1 By appointment

This guarantees sufficient time for advice, guidance and selection.

2 We need your information

Seat optimisation is achieved through collection of relevant information i.e. details of your child/children, vehicle(s) etc.

3 Advice, demonstration and selection

We will advise, demonstrate and fit, suitable and 'approved' seats to your vehicle(s)

4 Support

We will 'support' your purchase practically, through user advice, instruction and refitting.

Our Brand Partners

Our Brand Partners are selected in order to provide the widest range of suitable children’s car seats available anywhere in the UK and Ireland.

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In Car Safety Centre are the UK’s leading specialist in extended rear-facing car seats, Isofix car seats and high back boosters. We are also one of the only retailers in the UK with expertise in providing car seats for those with special or additional needs.

Maxi-Cosi car seats are a family favourite and we have just taken stock of the brand new Maxi-Cosi Pearl Pro. We continue to support the ever-popular Maxi-Cosi Tobi and Rodifix AP booster seats in a range of colours. Joie car seats are increasingly popular and the Joie i-Spin 360 is a swivel seat that now meets i-Size car seat standards. The Joie Bold is a forward-facing car seat with extra harness protection, meanwhile, the Joie Every Stage car seat offers great versatility. Axkid car seats promote rear-facing for as long as possible. The Axkid One is a Plus Tested car seat which allows you to rear-face your little one up to 6 years of age. Britax car seats continue to innovate and their Evolve 123 car seat range is no exception. The Britax DualFix i-Size car seat offers 360° rotation for ultimate comfort and convenience.

No matter your needs, we will have the perfect solution via our extensive range of ​car seats for babies​, ​toddlers​ and ​older children​. Buy online or get in touch to book an appointment today!