Which Baby Seats are the best? Our Must-Read Buyers Guide

Klippan Century and Nuna Rebl Plus fitted in car

We’re always asked, “Which baby car seats are best?” and the simple answer is R129 (i-Size) car seats

All seats sold within the UK are manufactured to one of two legal standards, ECE R44-04 or ECE R129-00, often known as i-Size.

The testing carried out to meet the ECE R129 standard is more sophisticated and focused. Therefore, seats manufactured under the R129 standard are certified accordingly and are therefore known to meet the higher standard.

(note: while some R44 seats have been tested under R129, we have no certified proof of the results – therefore we recommend those with the R129 certificate.)

This comes as welcome news to many of our customers, especially those on a budget. All R129 seats are created to the standards and more expensive car seats are not necessarily deemed safer.  They are technically as safe as each other and no one single seat is “best”.

So, which R129 car seats are the best? 

It’s hard for us to say exactly which car seat is the “best” and here’s why.

It is important to select a seat that is suitable for your child’s weight or height. Fit it in your car and see how your child fits in the seat, while in the car. Ensure the seat is ‘approved’ for use in your car(s). It is also important to select the position in the car where you would want your child to sit, not all positions are approved or suitable.

All children are different, no one seat fits all, so select one after seeing your child in the seat and the car.

The In Car Safety Centre is here to help you decide which is best for you.

As mentioned earlier, all seats meet EU regulations, this does not mean that all seats are the same or equal. Subjectively, there will be a seat you prefer to others. This may be because of the brand, colour or material. Price tends to reflect build quality and additional benefits beyond the requirements of the standards.

In summary, the correct question to ask is “which car seat is best for my baby, my car, my circumstances?” to which the answer is a little more complicated and entirely bespoke. This is why we always recommended booking an appointment at your nearest showroom where possible or contacting us by phone or email, so we can help you choose the best children’s car seat for you.


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