What is the Safest High-Back Booster for Toddlers?

There are many High-Backed Booster seats on the market and they come in a wide range of prices too.

Even at the age of 4 years, children continue to develop, their internal organs have still to ‘settle’ in the adult position. Their structure is still developing and a long way from being as strong and resilient as an adult. They still need protection.

The safest High Backed Booster will offer good head protection as well as lateral support for the lower and upper body. Many offer additional energy-absorbing features that take the force of impact away from the toddler.

Location of the seat belt across the toddler’s body is important too. The greater the comfort, the more likely the toddler is to accept having the seat belt across their chest. The routing of the belt across the lap is also crucial. After all, the whole point of using the Booster seat is to position the seat belt correctly to avoid damage to the toddler’s organs, should there be an accident.

When it comes to HBB seats, we prefer high-back boosters that incorporate ISOfix. It holds the seat firmly in place in the event of a side-impact accident. This prevents the seat from rotating, dangerously.

Which High-Back Booster will be best for my child?

We suggest considering i-Size (R129) seats where possible. It is important to select a seat that is suitable for your child’s weight or height. Fit it in your car, and see how your child fits in the seat, while it is in the car. Ensure the seat is ‘approved’ for use in your car(s). It is also important to select the position in the car where you would want your child to sit, not all positions are approved or suitable.

At the In Car Safety Centre, you can try before you buy. This is hugely important as all children are different and seats perform differently in different cars.

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