When can a baby face forward in a car seat?

Cybex Sirona S i-Size installation

There are two categories of seats, those that are manufactured to the latest EU standard ECE R129, known as i-Size and are based on a child’s height and those manufactured under the EU standard ECE R44-04, these are weight-based. 

When height-based seats are used (R129), the child must travel rear-facing until they reach the age of 15 months. In other words, they can face forward after 15 months.

When weight-based seats are selected (R44-04), the child may travel rear-facing until reaching a weight of 13kgs. Thereafter, they can face-forwards.

However, we recommend the use of rear-facing car seats for as long as it is possible. Babies are not little adults. Rear-facing seats provide significant safety benefits to a child if involved in an accident. 

How long should a baby be in a rear-facing seat?

The law requires a baby to travel rear-facing until 15months. A child/toddler can travel in a rear-facing seat until they are 25kgs, approximately between 5 and 6 years old.

It is a proven fact, that children travelling rear-facing, are significantly safer than those travelling forward-facing. At the In Car Safety Centre, we would try to persuade you to have your children traveling rear-facing for as long as possible

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