In Car Safety Centre was started in 1983 as children’s car seats were still relatively new and people had a lack of understanding around them. ICSC set out to teach parents about the importance of children’s car seats and how to use them.

In 1989, Simon Bellamy joined the business after a car accident involving his daughter compelled him to change careers. You can read his full story here. He realised there was a massive knowledge and awareness gap between parents of the importance of car seats and took to the industry with relentless enthusiasm in order to try save the lives of countless children. Simon then took over and bought the business in 2004. Below you will see all the events that have led up until where we are now.


1962 Child Car (safety) seats invented
1973 Britax launch their first Child Car Seat, the Star Rider
1980 ECE R44 CRS Regulations introduced
1981 ECE R44/1 CRS Regulations introduced
1983 In Car Safety was born – Luton


Front Seat belts became mandatory

1985 Britax Launch Supa Rider – Mail Order
1986 ECE R44/2 CRS Regulations introduced
1987 We move to Stacey Bushes
1988 Love Seat – infant Loan scheme launched.


ICSC becomes UK Distributor for Maxi Cosi

1989 Belfast store opens at Agnes Street


Rear Seat Belts become mandatory

1990 ICSC becomes UK Distributor for Concord
1995 ECE R44/3 CRS Regulations introduced
1997 Introduction of ISOFIX
2004 Simon Bellamy buys ICSC


ECE R44/4 CRS Regulations introduced

Computers replace typewriters

2005 Hip Spica loan scheme launched
2006 CRS become compulsory for over 3’s


First ICSC Website goes ‘live’

2008 Commence manufacture of Traveller Plus for Britax


Illegal to use CRS manufactured before 1995

2009 Plus Test Introduced (Rear Facing Only)
2011 ICSC becomes UK and Ireland Distributor for OY Klippan
2012 Top Tethers become Mandatory in vehicles (3rd Isofix point)
2013 ECE R129/1 CRS (i-Size) Regulations introduced


ECE R129/2 CRS (i-Size) Regulations introduced

2014 Essex Store Opens – Rayleigh
2016 MK Store moves from Stacey Bushes to Redmoor, Milton Keynes
2017 New Belfast Store Opens off Boucher Road


ECE R129/2 CRS (i-Size) Regulations introduced

2018 ICSC becomes UK and Ireland Distributor for RiveKids
2019 Launch of New Website


In 2020 and beyond, ICSC continue to raise awareness for car seat best practises and share the life-saving knowledge that their teams have acquired through 30 years’ experience. 

Our recent car seat customer survey showed that many parents still do not have access to the best, most up-to-date information and we pledge to do everything we can to change this.

If you would like to help us, please share our content with your family and friends.