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M28 Push Button Harness


Model 28 Press Release for Postural Support

Designed to offer postural-support and a certain degree of restraint to children and adults to keep them in an upright sitting position.

The harness consists of a full body-harness connected to a back-pad which is fitted vertically around the vehicle seat-back with two fixing-straps.

It has an under-strap to help prevent the passenger from sliding down in their seat

The waist-belt on this harness is fitted with a ‘Press Release Buckle’ so is more suited for postural-support.

For those passengers with inquisitive fingers that can undo the ‘Press Release Buckle’, please choose the ‘Model 28 Steel’ fitted with the ‘Steel Safety Buckle’

‘Model 28’ fits most types of vehicle seating, including: –

  • Single-seats
  • Bench-seats
  • Some High-Backed Booster-Seats

To fit the harness access is required between the seat-back and the seat-cushion of the vehicle-seat to fasten the fixing-straps vertically around the seat-back.

NB. This harness is very similar to the ‘Model 27’ harness which has horizontal fixing-straps. ‘Model 27’ will only fit single-seats and is more suitable for those seats where the seat-back narrows towards the top.

Available in one size only (4 years to adult. Approx – 15 kg upwards).

  • This harness will accommodate young children in some child-seats
  • All booster-cushions
  • Passengers above 135 cm who are able to sit directly on the vehicle-seat.

‘Velcro Comfort Sleeves’ will be supplied with each harness, these can be fitted around the shoulder-straps and under-strap where required.

  • This harness is not classed as a safety harness.
  • The vehicle safety belt MUST be worn over the top of our harness unless they are exempt for medical reasons.
  • The combination of the existing safety belt & the secondary harness offers added security for the passenger.