Pallas G i-Size


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The Pallas G i-Size is a smart 2-in-1 car seat that grows with your little one through childhood. This seat lasts from 76 cm right up to 150 cm and is installed using ISOFIX and Top Tether. The Impact Shield protects your child up to 21kg (maximum height 105 cm). This Impact Shield is then removed and the seat can be used a protective high backed booster right up to 150cm (approx. 12 years old).

The Impact Shield offers superior safety as it helps to reduce the chance of neck injuries in a frontal collision. This is because the child rolls forward meaning the impact force is distributed across as a larger surface area, as opposed to all force being on the head and neck when using a harnessed system. The Adjustable Impact Shield is easy to use and more convenient than a buckle system.

This seat also features the Linear Side Impact Protection System Plus which provides additional safety in the event of a side impact collision. The ISOFIX and Top Tether installation helps you install the seat correctly and provides increased stability. The Pallas G i-Size also offers the Air Ventilation System which allows a circulating airflow to help provide a comfortable seat temperature.

Plus Fabric

Two-tone coloured denim gives this fabric a unique textured appearance, as well as enhanced durability for a comfortable feel.

Further Details

Brand: Cybex
Approximate Age: 15 months to 12 years
Depth: 40.5 cm
Fixing Type: ISOFIX, Seatbelt, Top Tether
Width: 59.5 cm
Seat Category: 76 to 150 cm (harness to 105cm)
Height: 59 cm
Regulation: R129 (i-Size)
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