Britax Romer



Introducing SWIVEL from Britax Römer: the ultimate travel companion designed to accompany your child from infancy to school age! From the moment your baby arrives until they reach 7 years (125 cm) old, SWIVEL promises hassle-free car rides and unparalleled comfort and safety.

With its innovative 360° rotation feature, SWIVEL makes getting in and out of the car effortless for both you and your little one. From the cozy newborn insert that cradles your baby to the adaptable design that grows with them, SWIVEL ensures a comfortable and secure ride at every stage of development.

Designed with multiple recline positions, SWIVEL allows your child to explore the world or enjoy a peaceful nap with ease. The included long-lasting newborn insert provides extra support and comfort for your newborn, creating a snug cocoon-like environment for babies up to 75 cm.

As your child grows, SWIVEL adapts effortlessly. At 15 months (or 76 cm), you have the option to choose between rear-facing or forward-facing adventures, providing flexibility and comfort for your little explorer. Plus, with its transformation from a 5-point harness (up to 105 cm) to a booster seat, SWIVEL ensures a secure and comfortable fit for children up to age 7.

Safety is paramount with SWIVEL. Certified to meet UN R129 standards, it offers superior protection on every journey. Deep, secure side wings shield your child from external impacts, while the robust support leg provides a stable stand, even in the event of an accident.

SWIVEL is more than just a car seat; it's your partner on the journey of parenthood, providing peace of mind and comfort every step of the way. Choose SWIVEL for a lifetime of safe and enjoyable travels with your child.

Experience effortless travel with the SWIVEL car seat from Britax Römer, designed to simplify your journeys while prioritizing safety and comfort for your child. Here's why the SWIVEL is the perfect choice for parents:

1. **Effortless Buckling**: Whether your child is forward-facing or rearward-facing, reclined, upright, or somewhere in between, the 360° rotation of the SWIVEL makes it a breeze to secure your child in the car. With swift and easy access, you'll be on your way in seconds.

2. **Independent ISOFIX Connectors**: Installing the SWIVEL is a stress-free process thanks to its independent ISOFIX connectors. Operate them with ease, ensuring a fast and secure connection without risking damage to your car's seats. Get on with your day confidently and swiftly.

3. **Extended Rearward-Facing Position**: Prioritize your child's safety by keeping them rearward-facing for longer with the SWIVEL, accommodating children up to 105 cm. This expert-recommended position minimizes the risk of injury in frontal collisions, dispersing impact energy evenly across the head, neck, and upper body.

4. **Customizable Recline Positions**: Ensure your child's comfort on even the longest journeys with the SWIVEL's multiple recline positions. Choose from three forward-facing and three rearward-facing options, allowing your child to relax or enjoy the view for a stress-free journey.

5. **Deep, Secure Side Wings**: Surround your child in safety with the SWIVEL's padded side wings, providing protection and peace of mind in the event of a collision.

6. **Comfortable, Protective Headrest**: The V-shaped headrest of the SWIVEL is designed to limit head movement and adjusts simultaneously, offering both protection and room to grow for your child.

7. **Soft Performance Chest Pads**: Enhance your child's comfort and security with the soft performance chest pads of the SWIVEL. These pads not only bring added comfort but also help reduce movement in the event of a collision.

8. **Special Protection for Newborns**: From their earliest days, your baby deserves the utmost protection and comfort. The SWIVEL's specially designed newborn insert offers extended support and a flat reclining position, ensuring a cozy and ergonomic environment during those precious first weeks.

9. **Extra-Safe 5-Point Harness**: Opt for the SWIVEL's 5-point harness for maximum protection, distributing impact force across all five points to the seat's protective shell, safeguarding your child from serious injury.

10. **Height-Adjustable Support Leg**: Ensure a stable and secure installation with the SWIVEL's adjustable support leg, minimizing tilting movements of the car seat. An easy-to-read indicator ensures correct positioning for effortless fitting.

11. **Quick-Remove Washable Cover**: Keep your car seat clean and fresh with the SWIVEL's machine washable cover, designed for easy removal without detaching the harness.

12. **Growing with Your Child**: The SWIVEL adapts to your child's growth, transitioning seamlessly from toddler to school-age. Easily switch from the integrated 5-point harness to your car's 3-point seat belt as your child grows, ensuring ongoing safety and comfort.

13. **Head to Hip Protection**: The highback booster seat shell of the SWIVEL provides comprehensive head to hip support for your child, while padded headrests and belt guides ensure correct seat belt positioning, guaranteeing their safety and comfort throughout their journey.

Choose the SWIVEL car seat for a stress-free, comfortable, and secure travel experience for you and your child, every time.