Britax Romer

Swingfix M Plus Spin Car Seat



The SWINGFIX M PLUS SPIN CAR SEAT  is a convenient, no-frills car seat that offers great protection for your child from 61-105 cm height and a weight of 20 kg. Thanks to the 90° rotation, seating and harnessing your little one is quick and easy. Featuring new ISOFIX connectors, the installation is simple and safe.

The SWINGFIX M PLUS SPIN CAR SEAT was developed according to the new i-Size standard and is approved according to the latest R129 regulations, which are mandatory from September 2023. Thus, the seat provides reliable, and future required i-Size safety for your child.
At the press of a button SWINGFIX M PLUS SPIN CAR SEAT can be turned towards the open car door, making it easy for you to place your child in the seat and fasten the harness. Afterwards, just turn the seat back into the rearward facing position and your journey can begin.
An Extended Rearward facing car seat offering the best protection in the event of a frontal collision – the most frequent type of accident on the roads. In a frontal collision with a rearward facing seat the crash forces are directed to the back of the seat, while the remaining energy is spread evenly across the head, neck and upper body. With a forward facing seat the energy of the impact is distributed differently across the seat structure and restraint system – potentially resulting in more energy impacting on the child’s body. We recommend that children should travel rearward facing for as long as possible.