Mica 360 Pro

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Mica 360 Pro

Mica 360 Pro offers best-in-class comfort from 0–4 years old, thanks to Maxi-Cosi’s SlideTech® technology, FlexiSpin rotation, 5 comfortable recline positions and an easy-in harness. Designed to the highest i-Size safety standards, the seat’s integrated base features sliding technology, so it’s easier to get your child in and out of the car. Simply slide, spin & go.


Built to the highest i-Size safety standards, Mica 360 Pro offers best-in-class protection for your child from 0-4 years old. Mica 360 Pro features patented AirProtect® safety cushions in the headrest to protect your child and reduce the risk of head injury by up to 20%. With 45% of impacts coming from the side, the Mica 360 Pro has integrated G-CELL Side Impact Protection; specifically engineered to spread the forces of an impact away from your child, to reduce injury especially around the head, neck and shoulders. Protecting your child for years.

Ease of use

With its innovative SlideTech® technology and one-hand 360° rotation, the Mica 360 Pro makes getting your baby in and out of the car feel extra easy. It’s fitted quickly via ISOFIX installation and the support leg ensures stability. For added reassurance, helpful visual indicators show when it’s properly installed. Thanks to its integrated base, you can easily and smoothly slide your child in and out of the car, without banging your head or straining your back. Mica 360 Pro can be easily placed in any of the 5 recline positions, using only one hand. And once the seat slides out of the car, the easy-in harness is even easier to reach.


Mica 360 Pro can be used directly from birth (with a super comfy integrated newborn inlay) to 4 years old (approx. 105cm). With superior comfort for baby, the Mica 360 Pro offers parents peace of mind, knowing they’re giving their baby the best sleep comfort possible, from day one. And as every parent will tell you, sleep is priceless at any age! The anti-misuse button makes sure that your child always travels in the rearward facing position (up to 15 months). After 15 months parents can choose travelling in the safest rearward-facing position or switch to forward-facing position. The Mica 360 Pro has an extra-spacious seat, so your child has plenty of room to grow.

Comfort features

Best-in-class comfort for 0–4 years old. SlideTech® and FlexiSpin offer unrivalled comfort for parents’ backs, while the 5 recline positions offer superior sleep comfort for children. AirProtect® Safety cushions are not only protective, they’re also extremely soft and provide extra cushioning for your little one. ClimaFlow panels and high-performance mesh fabrics maximise air circulation to ensure your child is always at the right temperature. Made using soft, 100% recycled fabrics, the Mica 360 Pro is packed with comfort features for everyone!


Ease of use

  • Back-friendly car seat: Certified by AGR as back-friendly. Lifting your toddler in and out of the car has never been this comfortable.
  • Easy Sliding handle: easy to slide in and out with one hand, with the centered handle, or to slide in and out with two hands on the side.
  • 360° rotation: Buckling up your baby is made easy and secure with a 360° rotation, as they are facing you directly.


  • ClimaFlow for temperature control: Designed with ventilation panels, breathable foam and mesh fabrics to enhance air circulation and keep your child comfortable.
  • Superior sleeping positions: Five recline positions allow for perfect sleep in the car, including the open recline angle of 155 degrees in rear-facing position.
  • Newborn inlay: Our newborn inlay keeps your little one safe and comfortable, while providing a proper fit and room to grow.
  • Grows with your child: Designed to grow with your child, with nine adjustable headrest height positions and a harness that fits from birth up to 4 years.
  • Comfortable everywhere you go: You may be on the move, but your child will be comfortable thanks to the soft fabrics and comfortable padding in the seat.
  • High seating position: Mica 360 Pro provides your toddler with an elevated seating position that gives them the best view out of the window.


  • i-Size safety: Meets the highest and latest i-Size safety standards (R129/03), offering maximum safety for your child.
  • AirProtect Safety Cushions: Patented AirProtect® technology guarantees the best head protection in case of an accident and adds additional comfort for your child.
  • ISOFIX connectors: Integrated ISOFIX connectors ensure your car seat base is safely locked into your car.
  • Visual installation feedback: The visual indicators ensure that you install the seat correctly and safely, so you can travel with peace of mind.
  • Anti-misuse button: The Anti-misuse rotation lock provides peace of mind, ensuring your child always travels in the rear-facing position, up to 15 months.
  • 5-point safety harness: Secures best restraining your child for enhanced protection in the event of forward collisions. The harness includes hip pads for extra comfort.


  • Machine washable: Does your car seat cover need a bit of freshening up? Wipe it down with a damp cloth, or put it in the washing machine up to 30°C.
  • Long term use: Mica 36o Pro is usable from birth up to 4 years (approx. 105 cm).
  • Premium design: Clean design with detailed and subtle elements, such as embroidered logos, stitching pattern and debossed icons, give a beautiful design experience.
  • Fabrics : High-performance and durable duotone fabric on the outside, breathable mesh at the backrest and very soft and skin friendly fabric on the headrest.
  • Eco-friendly production: EcoCare fabrics are produced without the use of hazardous chemicals, meaning that babies' skin is not exposed to any potential risks.