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KneeGuard Kids 4


KneeGuardKids 4 is an advanced footrest designed for children travelling in forward-facing car seats without a support leg. The new footrest fully increases comfort and helps to maintain the correct and safe sitting position of the child by providing stable and solid support for their feet. The footrest can be installed in every car with and without Isofix.

How to know that your child needs KneeGuardKids – Car seat footrest?

  • Your child kicks the front seat or leans on it.
  • Your child takes their shoes off, pulls up, or crosses their legs.
  • Your child feels grumpy and complains of sore legs or back.
  • Your child experiences pain in their limbs or numbness.

What are the health benefits of using the KneeGuardKids – Car seat footrest?

  • Prevents blood circulation problems and numbness caused by pressure on your child’s legs.
  • It optimally supports your child’s legs, ensuring the correct position of the spine.
  • Helps to avoid the discomfort that causes children to cross their legs or kick the back of the front seat to reduce muscle stress.
  • Avoid child having their legs against the back of the front seat. In this position, in the event of an accident or even emergency braking, the limbs will suffer multiple injuries.

KneeGuardKids grows with your child…

  • In small children, the dangling feet are placed at an angle of approx. 40 degrees to the plane of the vehicle floor. Lack of proper support causes ankle joints and muscles of the shins to be constantly overloaded. It is recommended to use the footrest angle switch so that the feet are fully supported and rested.
  • In older children, the dangling feet are usually level with the vehicle’s floor, where the feet support will be most comfortable for them. The ankle and knee joints as well as the lower leg muscles will rest while driving. As the child grows, gradually lower the position of the platform, adjusting it to the length of the child’s legs.

…and fits every car!

Seat Category 15-36kg