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Baby Skin Cleansing Water 65ml

  • 100% MINERAL: Dew Baby Skin Cleansing Water is best used with a washable cloth or tissue, because it reduces the need for wipes. It is gentle on baby’s skin and can be safely used on the body from birth. Our small 65ml bottle conveniently fits easily into your changing bag or pocket, and with its antimicrobial action it provides added safety when cleansing dummies, baby cutlery, teething toys, or anything else your baby has dropped on the floor!
  • EASY TO USE: No need to dilute or rinse. It is so gentle it can be sprayed directly on to baby’s skin. It can be left to dry naturally or wiped clean with a washable cloth or tissue. Alternately, spray onto a cotton pad or reusable cloth to wipe baby hygienically clean. It is not harmful if accidentally swallowed or inhaled.
  • NATURE’S PROTECTOR: Dew Baby Skin Cleansing Water is a hypoallergenic anti-bac skin cleanser that utilises electrolysed water, salt and science, to produce the same substance that nature creates in our bodies to fight infection and keep us safe, Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl). Dew Baby is Free From alcohol, parabens, scents or dyes, in fact there are no added chemicals of any kind, which is why it is hypoallergenic, non-irritant, pH skin compatible, vegan friendly and gently on baby’s delicate skin. Dew Baby is also safe for babies who suffer from nappy rash, cradle cap and infantile eczema.
  • SAFETY: Dew Baby’s antimicrobial properties are 99.995% effective and certified by Allergy UK.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: Baby Skin Cleansing Water is refillable, saving you money and reducing plastic waste and, because you use it with washable cloth or tissue, it helps reduce wet wipe use. Together these attributes have a significant impact on our environment, helping to reduce your carbon footprint and prevent hundreds of wipes from polluting our oceans. Did you know? The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) recorded an average of 12 wipes per 100 metres of coastline. Dew Baby is 100% biodegradable, is kind to the environment and, we don’t produce any nasty waste bi-products when creating Dew Baby.
  • MADE IN UK: Dew products enhance the power of minerals using science to create safe, reliable yet highly effective, hypoallergenic skin cleanser manufactured in Scotland. Dew - the world’s kindest cleaning product.