BeSafe Stretch


The new Stretch grows with your child all the way to 125 cm and amazingly 36 kg. Due to the larger weight limit, this seat is suitable from about 6 months to 7 years. No need to worry about longer legs – stretch out for 26 cm leg space. The stretch has passed the toughest crash test: Swedish Plus Test.

The unique external frame on the seat will truly bear the forces in a frontal crash. The rigid seat shell spine transfers the child's energy onto the Exo frame and keeps the child in the same position if you were to be in a collision. As this seat is installed with your vehicle seatbelt, it means you can install the seat in any position in the car, even in the front passenger seat and the middle rear bench.

The belt installation is intuitive and the easiest on the market with several clever solutions. By using long-lasting materials and making the exchange of parts a lot easier, BeSafe have really extended the life of this seat. 

This seat is designed to last around 15 years so great for re-use for another child.   This product is excluded from all discount codes