Cleaning your Child Car Seat

Cleaning your Child Car Seat

Apr 14, 2020kobault

ICSC Cleaning your Child Car Seat


You know what it’s like, so much to do, and now so much time!


As a child car seat supplier, we have the pleasure of getting our hands on some pretty disgusting seats. I will leave it to your imagination as to what little goodies we might find!

So now that you're not using your car seat every day, it's the time to look at your seats and see what we see.

Remove from the car, strip them off for a good clean, and wash the cover. Most good seats shows how to do this in their instructions.

Now is an especially important time to make sure everything gets a thorough clean and it's great to have the time to get it done.


Key things to remember.


  • Maybe take a few pictures of the seat when removing the cover or harness, it will help when you put it all back together again.
  • Clean the harness with a soap, DO NOT USE chemicals like bleach.
  • If the crotch buckle is removeable, soak in warm water and a dash of washing up liquid. DO NOT USE metal objects to clear any gunge.
  • Wash the cover (inside out) on a cool wash, 35 – 40 degree. DO NOT USE fabric conditioner.
  • You could use a tumble dryer, but it is better to let the cover drip dry.
  • If you no longer have your instructions, we may be able to send you a copy.
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