Aerofix RWF 2.0 C


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The AeroFIX RWF 2.0 C model is designed for rear-facing only with a quick and easy mounting into the car, made possible thanks to the IQ 2.0 C universal base. (Sold Seperately).

The designers at Avionaut are constantly working to create the most ergonomic and comfortable car seats possible. The AeroFIX RWF 2.0 C model definitely constitutes an example of this, because it has been created with high attention to detail. The base consists in a solid body with ventilation grids to guarantee comfort, especially during the summer. The headrests consist in an enveloping Cloud Care system, because they are made of memory foam. Not only does it guarantee the child’s comfort, but it also absorbs a large portion of the energy in the event of a collision. The car seat also allows the adjustment of the height of the headrest and the belts, as well as the seat’s angle of inclination. This ensures comfort even during the longest trips. The AeroFIX RWF 2.0 C also takes care of your child’s spinal health. Thanks to its clever design, the seat received a certificate from AGR, a German organisation associating around 150,000 physiotherapists and doctors who deal with spinal disorders. This confirms that by choosing this car seat, the carer also ensures the child’s future health.


Compatible with the Avionaut IQ 2.0 C Base (Sold Seperately).

Further Details

Regulation: R129 (i-Size)
Fixing Type: ISOFIX
Seat Category: 67 to 105 cm
Approximate Age: up to 4 years
Brand: Avionaut
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