Solution S-Fix

The Solution S-Fix offers a reclining headrest which prevents the childメs head from tipping forward while sleeping. The head is kept within the safety zone which is especially important in the event of a side-impact collision, where the headrest and the L.S.P. System together offer increased safety for your child. The 12 height positions ensure your growing child will travel comfortably at all times.

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After you purchase this seat a member of In Car Safety Team will check to make sure it is compatible with your vehicle, we will contact you for any reason or to help get a seat that fits your vehicle.

starting from £140.00 Regular Price £160.00

Further Details

  • Height: 61 cm Width: 50 cm Depth: 40.5 cm
  • 15 - 36 kg
  • 6.20kg
  • Seatbelt, ISOFIX
  • 4-12 Years

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