Sirona Q i-Size

The Sirona Q i-Size is an i-Size compliant swivel seat. Your little one can be transported in a rear-facing position from 45cm until they reach 105cm, or they can be forward-facing from 15 months with the use of the adjustable Impact Shield. The new design of this seat allows plenty of leg room, even for those taller children. This seat features Telescopic Linear Side-impact Protection, and clever magnets to hold your harness for easy access.

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After you purchase this seat a member of In Car Safety Team will check to make sure it is compatible with your vehicle, we will contact you for any reason or to help get a seat that fits your vehicle.

starting from £430.00

Further Details

  • Height: 63.5 cm Width: 44 cm Depth: 71 cm
  • 45 - 105 cm
  • 15.00kg