Loan Scheme

It is unusual for a standard car seat to be suitable for children fitted with either a Hip Spica cast, Ring Splints or Pavlik harness. We offer a loan scheme, whereby parents may have the loan of a seat, for the period (normally up to 4 months) while their child is fitted with such a device. The seat, manufactured by Britax Excelsior Ltd, is a standard seat and modified for this purpose. The modification requires the replacement of the original crotch strap with an extended one. Additional padding is also added. The cost to have the loan of the seat is £220.00, which includes a £75.00 deposit, refunded when the seat is returned.

The seat is modified to accommodate those children fitted with a Hip Spica Cast, Ring Splints or Pavlik Harness. It may not be used as a standard seat with this modification. Additionally, we insist that the seat is used rear facing (i.e. the face faces your back window).

We use this seat for the loan scheme because we believe it to be the most suitable. Many parents will not want to purchase another seat, because the one they have would otherwise be suitable. For those of you who do not have what is known as a Group 1 seat, the seat used after your child has grown out of their infant carrier, then you may be interested in purchasing this seat for your child’s long term use, it costs £220.00. When your child’s Hip Spica is removed, at the same time the extended crotch strap and foam are also removed, the original crotch is re fitted, the seat is then ready to be used in the 'normal' way. The seat is supplied ready for use, a manual is sent with the seat and ‘how to fit’ videos may be viewed on our website. We are of course available to talk through any issues on the telephone.We deliver the seat by Courier, within two working days of receiving your order. We collect it, when you have finished with it. Our aim is to try and give you as much support as we can during this difficult time.