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It is perhaps hard to believe that still 70% of child car seats are either incorrectly fitted or unsuitable for the car they are placed in. As many as 6% of seats secured using ISOfix are incorrectly fitted too.

In 2015, we saw the introduction of a new Regulation referred to as Regulation ECE R129, that has become known as i-Size. While it introduced a new testing regime for seats, its primary objective was to make it easier for parents and carers to be able to select the correct seat for the child and the vehicle.

Under the new Regulation seats will be sold suitable for a child's stature (height) and not weight as is currently the case under the older Regulation ECE R44 03 & 04.

In time there will be more seats available that conform to this new Regulation and so too will there be more i-Size compatible vehicles on the road. This will guarantee compatibility between the two.

The new Regulation will run alongside the older one for a number of years, seats to either regulation will remain legal to use until maybe as long as 2030. Retailers may not be able to sell for many more years, it is suggested 2018, but probably later.

See under 'REGULATIONS' the differences...

While the new Regulations will make it easier to select a seat compatible for your child and car, which is a step forward, but there still remain issues where you may value ICSC's advice and support. For example:-

Is the seat right for me? What does it do? How does it do it?
Will it be reclined enough in my car?
What if my child is not average size?

Will it fit in with the other seats in my car? Will the front passengers have enough room?
Will I understand how to fit it and use it correctly? It is easy to move between cars....?

We will continue to offer the widest range of child car seats you will find anywhere, more choice and more options.

In our experience we know it is better for you to come in to our showroom to let us give you our time and our expertise to help you select the right seat and test fit in your car. Our many happy customers agree! Whilst we promise to provide good value for money on all of our seats, our focus is getting the right seat for your child, not to tempt you to possibly make the wrong choice with discounts.