Comfort Insert


Manufacturer: Britax

The comfort insert from Britax provides extra padding to give your child additional comfort, and it also helps to reduce the space between smaller children and the side of the car seat. 

It does not replace a newborn insert and must not be used in infant carriers. It can  be used in the following models: 2-Way Elite, Dualfix, Dualfix i-Size, Dualfix M i-Size, Max-Fix II, First Class Plus, Advansafix III SICT, Evolva 123, Evolva 123 Plus, Evolva 123 SL SICT, Duo Plus, Eclipse, Max-Way, Max-Way Plus, Multi-Tech III, Versafix, Trifix 2 i-Size, Safefix Plus, King II, King II LS, King II ATS