Why buy from ICSC? 26.07.17

We are often asked if we can price match both high street and online retailers. Unfortunately while we always try to remain competitive and sell seats at RRP, or below if we can,  it would be impossible for us to continue to trade and also retain our ethical and unbiased sales approach if we were to price match.  

So why buy from ICSC?

-  We sell on the suitability of the product for the child and the vehicle; we believe to offer discounts and ‘offers’ influences the buyer on saving, not safety.

-  Our expertise comes through months of rigorous training for our junior staff, years for our senior staff. This knowledge is what guarantees your child is in the correct seat and is not offered by the high street and online retailers.

-  We offer retail showrooms and the ability to demonstrate and fit seats into cars, online only business do not have this cost and can pass on the saving

-  ICSC offers extensive aftersales care to our customers, rather than standard warranties and online returns policies

-  We are a small, family run business, who cares about our customers; unfortunately our size means we don’t have the ability to bulk buy like the high street retailers can to avail of huge volume discounts

-  Sadly, other well respected independent retailers that offer price matching have been driven out of business. We rely on safety conscious parents and guardians to choose to buy from us based on quality of service and expertise. 

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