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Evoluna i-Size

The Evoluna i-Size features a lie-flat function inside and outside the car. This has been specifically developed for the needs of newborns and premature babies. Due to their neck muscles not being fully developed yet, the head can easily tip forward whilst sleeping causing breathing problems, and this can be reduced by a flat lying angle. This position will also protect the sensitive spine of the baby. The easy attachment to the Kiddy Isofix Base (included) makes this seat both secure and easy to use.

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After you purchase this seat a member of In Car Safety Team will check to make sure it is compatible with your vehicle, we will contact you for any reason or to help get a seat that fits your vehicle.


Further Details

  • Height: 62 cm Width: 66 cm Depth: 73.5 cm
  • 0 - 83 cm
  • 4.90kg
  • ADAC Score - Very good (1.5)
  • 0-15 Months
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ICSC Guiding Thoughts

This infant carrier is different in that it offers a lie-flat sleeping position both in and out of the car! It's suggested that this is a safer way to travel as it reduces the health risks associated with a standard infant carriers. Typical upright infant carriers are also limited to about 2 hours use at a time because of baby's spinal development, but in a seat like this you won't have to worry about that! Perfect for those who tend to drive long distances.