Infant - Toddler: 9 - 18kg

Infants are not small grown-ups. In the forward facing position their head no longer has support. The child seat restraint system supports the rest of the body, but must be used correctly. We would encourage the use of rear facing seats until 13kgs or 15 months, longer is possible.



Rushing to move to forward facing may reduce prematurely the extra safety enjoyed by rear facing!

Forward Facing Seats 9-18kg

These seats may be secured using the adult seat belt and more often Isofix. It is important that when used with a seat belt they fit correctly and that where Isofix is used the seat is ‘approved’.

Forward / Extended Rear Facing Seats 9-18kg

For those who wish to keep their children rear facing until they are older as it is considered safer. These seats may be used forward facing too.

Extended Rear Facing Seats 9-18kg

Many more parents are considering the additional benefits derived from keeping their child rear facing until 18kgs. As a result seat manufacturers are now offering more options, giving greater choice.

Combination Seats 9-36kg

These seats provide an option of having just one seat for the time your child needs a seat. Some are suitable to 18 kg others to 36kgs.