Birth - Infant: 0 - 13kg

Babies and very young or small infants are so delicate and vulnerable that even braking hard can have an impact on their delicate skeleton. The right protection is essential so that whole family may travel comfortably and safely together.



Families may want to consider the amount of time spent in the car, who will be lifting the seat in and out, and if baby might need to sleep.

Layflat Carriers 0-10kg

Seats that lay flat may be more suitable for premature babies and for families that do a great deal of travelling.

Infant Carrier 0-13kg

Easy to use, simple to remove from the car and place in a travel system (like pram) Baby should only be kept in an infant carrier for a limited time, usually between 1 to 2 hours.

Combination Seats 0-18kg

Often purchased because of price, which is a perfectly good reason to purchase one. It is fixed in the car, so while safe, it may not be as practical. It may not fit correctly forward facing.