Car Seat for Children with Special Needs

The In-Car Safety Centre has for more than 30 years, providing suitable seating to meet the ‘special needs’ of all children.

We have gained our experience working with children of all ages and their individual requirements.

Listening to parents, guardians and occupational therapists we have a joint approach to achieving the desired solution.

Through offering a wide choice of seating we are often able to provide a suitable seat that meets the child’s needs without setting them apart. 

Rear facing seats for additional head support, padding, for posture and positioning and harnessed seats to 36kg.

It is very difficult to find the perfect seat for any child. We aim to offer the best that is available.

Find Special Needs products here:

If you are able to visit, then please telephone to make an appointment. We need, and want to spend time with you, to explain your options, fit examples in your car and ensure that you are satisfied that you have achieved the optimum in safety for your child.

Hip Spica car seats (CDH/DDH)

We have for many years been supporting parents of children who find out at an early age that they have Hip Dysplasia. This often means that a seat being used at the time by the child will not be suitable when a cast or splint is fitted. 

The In-Car Safety Centre offers a service during this often-short period of ‘special need’.Due to the weight and shape of the cast, positioning on the child’s body, parents normally find their existing seat will not accommodate the child.

The 2-Way Elite is a seat that in most cases will accommodate a child in this position. The seat has an extended crotch strap and additional padding to lift the child's bottom and support the back. 

The seat must be used rear facing. Apart from being safer it's also the only way for the child to travel in a comfortable position.We offer the seat in two ways, through a loan scheme or through outright purchase.

Loan Scheme

This is where we provide a seat, delivering and collecting from your door by courier. The seat comes ready to use, with instructions and a helpline number for fitting if required. The cost of this is £220.00, for the period it is required. This includes a deposit of £75.00, which is refunded when the seat is return to us with all parts present.


The 2 Way Elite is a standard child's car seat suitable for Children from 9-25kgs. It is simply modified for this purpose.

The seat is provided, prepared for use with the Hip Spica at a cost of £220.00, with instructions as above. We also provide the original crotch strap, which replaces the one fitted to the seat for a ‘standard' use 2-Way Elite. It provides a temporary solution for your problem, then may be converted for use in the usual way.