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, Britax Romer Combination Car Seats

Combination seats, also known as multi-group seats, will cover more than one group of car seats. These seats are designed to grow with your child. If you’re a new parent, we would always recommend opting for an infant carrier to use from birth as this will be more supportive for your new-born and ...typically have a better recline. Baby’s developing spine and muscles need to be supported, in fact, a child’s spine is not fully developed until 6 years of age. Combination seats cannot be lifted in and out of your car the way an infant carrier can which is also a reason to consider an infant carrier over one of these seats. As a new parent, you will find that being able to lift your car seat out of the car will prove handy when you need to quickly nip to the shops or if baby has just nodded off as soon as you’ve pulled into the driveway. We usually recommend combination seats for the likes of grandparents and child minders because they will cover a range of ages and are usually convertible if you need to cater for different children. These seats are often less expensive if you consider the price of multiple car seats which will save you money, but it also indicates that quality may not be as good as a car seat you buy for a certain age, hence why we recommend getting a seat suited to your child’s age, weight and height at the time. Browse our range of combination seats and feel free to contact us with any queries you may have. Read More
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