Why We Recommend an In-Store Appointment

Why We Recommend an In-Store Appointment

Dec 05, 2023umer farooq

We always recommend visiting us in-store where possible. We have three centres in Milton Keynes, Essex and Belfast. The main reason for this is that online car seat compatibility checkers can tell you if a seat is technically “approved” for your car, but it will not tell you if it is suitable for your individual needs and circumstances. For example, you may be trying to fit three or more car seats in your vehicle. Therefore, it is important that one of our trained experts matches car seats to both the child and the vehicle.

When you come into our Centre, we will advise and demonstrate a range of suitable seats. Before your visit, we will ask a range of questions to prepare for your appointment. We will ask your child’s age, weight and height, and questions about your vehicle (make, model and year) so it’s always handy to have these details ready. However, if you do not know your child’s weight and height, we can always check this in-store as we have scales and a height chart in each Centre.

We can physically try car seats in your vehicle(s) as well as having your children try out their new seat(s). For cars that are not so straight forward, for example, sports-style cars with sloped seats, we can try out which seats will work best to counteract the angle. We do encourage you to bring both vehicles if you want them to fit in more than one vehicle, and your child(ren) where possible as this gives you the opportunity to see your child in the most appropriate and suitable seat before purchase.

Booking an appointment means you will get the undivided attention of one of our trained advisors. It is also a great opportunity to ask any questions that may arise during the demonstration and fitting. These may be questions that you would not think of when shopping online.

We appreciate some of our customers are unable to visit one of our store. In this instance we would be happy to provide as much help and advice as possible remotely.

If you wish to book an appointment, you can request one on this page and a member of the team will get back to you with your appointment confirmation. Or you can call the best Centre for you and we will happily get you booked in.

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