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Top Low-Cost Self Care Tips for Mums During Lockdown

The lovely Hannah from @mama_and_minimees on Instagram has shared some great self-care tips to help all those mummies during lockdown who need a bit of hand in feeling more like themselves again. Thankfully, the end is nearer in sight for us and we're finally feeling more positive. Our English stores will be re-opening on 12th April (Belfast still to be confirmed) and we can't wait to see all of our fantastic customers again. In the meantime, follow Hannah's great tips to help cheer yourself up.


 Being a Mum is tough, you put everyone and everything above your own needs and it starts to wear you down. Let’s face it it’s even harder in lockdown when you can’t go out and escape for a hot coffee whilst the bambinos tackle the soft play. Who’d of thought we would ever miss it? Here are some things I’ve been doing for myself during lockdown that have really helped with my mental wellbeing. I’ve kept things low cost or free so they can suit everyone.

Lockdown Self-Care 



I know you might be thinking what, when do I have time to read? Just allow yourself 15 minutes a day (I read in bed before going to sleep) of delving into a good book. It’s a great form of escapism and you get such a sense of satisfaction when you finish! I even started a little bookclub group for other Mums, we read one book a month and it’s great to discuss your thoughts when you’ve finished. There are some great reads for £1 on Kindle or if you’re a kindle unlimited member there are lots of free titles. If you’re still heading to work why not try a book swap with a colleague?


Lockdown Self-Care - Reading


At Home Spa

It’s amazing how good a bubble bath with no kids’ toys can feel. Grab some epsom salts, light a few candles and a drink of choice (be that wine or a herbal tea). I’ve also made a couple of my own treatments. My favourite is a body scrub made with brown sugar and olive oil. Mix in a bowl until you get the consistency you want, scrub in circular motions before you jump in the bath, the olive oil is so moisturising. I also pick up a face mask when shopping for a couple of pounds.


Lockdown Self-Care - At Home Spa



I’m not talking about a full on HIIT session, although if that’s your jam then I salute you. I’ve been going for a walk in the evenings with a friend once the girls are in bed. Fresh air and adult conversation works wonders.


Dressing up

Once a week I will actually get dressed in non-loungewear, stick on a bit of makeup and do my hair (ish). It’s amazing how different I feel and weirdly it makes me more motivated to do things, even if it’s just sticking some washing loads on!

 Lockdown Self-Care - Dressing Up


To-Do List

It might sound talking about chores in a self-care post but I honestly find writing things down and ticking them off great for my mood. I get a real sense of achievement when ticking things off, even simple things like ‘making the bed’. Don’t add loads to your list because it can be disheartening when you’ve got endless tasks.

Lockdown Self-Care - To-Do List 


I hope these tips are of use to you and help see you through the rest of Lockdown,


Hannah x