Axkid ONE

Axkid’s Safest Car Seat Yet

Axkid recently brought out the brand new Axkid ONE, and it’s their safest seat yet. The Axkid ONE is the only rearward-facing ISOFIX seat currently available on the market that is approved by the R129 regulation all the way up to 125 cm/23 kg (approximately 7 years of age). This seat typically gives children an extra 3 years more than other seats approved under this regulation which typically sees children to 18 kg (approximately 4 years of age).

Axkid ONE installed in car

It is built with an innovative design that uses aluminium and hardened steel to form a lightweight safety frame that provides optimum safety. The seat itself is built in shock-absorbing materials, and added ventilation holes in the seat keep your child cool during the hot summer months.

A feature that people love, is that it is mounted on rails allowing the seat to be adjusted back and forth with just one hand up to 30 cm. Its easy to use and gives that desired extra legroom, especially fot taller and older children. It is also easier to put your little one into their seat as the angle is wider. For older children the safety frame can act as a handle so they easily can climb in and out themselves. Older children can travel comfortably up to 7 years or 125 cm.

The Axkid ONE has also passed the Plus Test. This is a voluntary test that further tests the safety of your car seat. Plus Tested seats are crash tested at higher speeds and shorter braking distance, whilst also testing the forces on the crash test dummy’s neck and measuring this to ensure neck forces are not too high. The Axkid ONE is the first ISOFIX seat that goes to 125 cm and also has the Plus Test certification.

You can view the Axkid ONE here.

Axkid ONE


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