About In Car Safety Centre

In Car Safety Centre have proudly been at the forefront of children’s car safety since 1983.

Children’s car seats are an essential safety item, designed to save your child’s life in the event of a collision. In 2016, 69 children were killed and 2,033 seriously injured on UK roads. This is a figure we would hope to change. 70% of children’s car seats are either inappropriate for the child, incorrectly fitted or incompatible with the car.

We pride ourselves in being a fully independent company. We advise, explain and demonstrate our products helping you to make an informed choice. Our staff do not have ‘sales targets’ to meet. We expect to provide the correct seat for your specific needs. We have a motto at In Car Safety Centre… “Fit Right. Sit Tight. Max Out the Height”. We aim to find the perfect seat that is suitable for your vehicle(s), your child, and we will never suggest moving your child to the next seat if the one they have is still perfectly suitable.

We add value to your purchase by providing our services, expertise and care at no additional cost. We are happy to advise and refit any seat we supply at any stage of its life or if you change your car. Even if you’re simply not sure and want some reassurance, we are here to support you and your product. All our seats come with a guarantee. Should anything go wrong with it we will be proactive in seeking a solution for you.

We currently operate from three locations, Milton Keynes, Essex and Belfast. We would appreciate you making an appointment before visiting any of our centres. This should ensure that one of our trained advisors is available at a time that suits you, providing the time to assist you in selecting the most suitable seat.

If you are unable to come in store to avail of our fitting and advice, you can purchase many of our products online. We aim to be ‘responsible’ both in-store and online. You will notice that when you make a purchase online, we ask for certain information that will allow us to confirm, using our knowledge and experience that the seat you have chosen is suitable for your child, and for the vehicle it will be used in. We will contact you if we feel there is an issue with the chosen seat, in order to help you choose one that may be more suitable for your needs.