In House Training

Not all training facilities are available at the moment - please contact us for more information.

ICSC is a specialist business dedicated to persuading parents and professionals alike, that children’s car safety 'is not expensive, it’s priceless'.

ICSC organises and provides in car safety training programmes, endorsed by ROSPA, targeting road safety professionals and those with a responsibility for transporting children.

The programmes provide the participants with the necessary detailed understanding to change attitudes and make a real difference.

  • Gain an understanding of child physiology and why they need such targeted protection
  • Understand the regulations that 'control' the manufacture of car seats and legislation determining their use
  • Acquire the fundamental knowledge to define what is described as a 'suitable restraint' 
  • Learn how advances in vehicle technology may have negative influences as well as a positive influence on the performance of a child's car seat

ICSC training programmes are designed to provide participants with interactive training. We challenge individuals and groups to grasp the premise that we should want to do more to protect our vulnerable children not just enough to meet the minimum requirements of the law.

Child Car Seat Training Programmes

Courses will be tailored to suit the needs of the group. They are intended to be ‘foundation courses’. Real understanding of the problems of fitting comes from actually fitting seats in cars on a continuous basis!

Introduction to Child Car Seats

Aimed at those who give advice on child car seat safety and may have some involvement with seat clinics and seat checks

  • Regulations governing the use of Child Car Seats and relevant updates. Why Regulate?
  • E.C.E. Approvals relating to Child Car Seats 
  • Directives that relate to the Car Manufacture and their impact on Child Safety
  • Potential consequences of Internet purchases and second hand usage
  • Seats by Group
  • Seats by Type
  • Principles of seat fitting and influences
    • Air Bags
    • Seat Belts - types
    • Vehicle car seat design 
    • Buckle Crunch 
  • Practical fitting of seats

Advanced Child Car Seat training

Aimed at those with clinic experience needing a refresher and update

  • Implementation of Legislative changes 
  • Developments in Isofix and Extended Rear Facing (ERF) Seats 
  • Isofix and Rear Seat fitting
    • By Seat type
    • Understanding Approvals
    • Application lists/ use of 
  • Vehicles Operating manuals - Specific seating advice
  • (SRS) Airbags and Supplementary Restraint Systems 
  • Problem solving - seat fitting

Short Courses

  • Social Work - The Need for flexible Seating
  • The Law & Regulations
  • Education Transport - Maintaining Safety 
  • Moral & Legal Responsibility
  • Concentrated 'Hands On' Fitting

Additional Course Options

  • Antenatal 
    • Influencing how parents select child car seats
  • Isofix Systems
    • A 'fitting' solution with complications
  • Rear Facing Seats
    • '5 times safer' option with complications
  • i-Size
    • i-Size, New Regulations - Slow roll out!

Supporting Special Needs 

  • Understanding needs and limited solutions
  • Using 'standard' seats where possible
  • Primary and Secondary safety products 
  • Investigating 'advanced' Seatbelts & Airbags and their impact on children's car safety
  • Simple introduction to child car seats