Besafe, a Norwegian Company have been manufacturers of Children’s car seats since 1963, like some of its competitors its origins were in the saddle making trade. Today it has expanded into other safety products like safety helmets. While the company has a long history, it is only in recent years that Besafe has established itself as a supplier of children’s car seats in the UK. It is a leader in the field of extended rear facing seats, although it does offer comprehensive range of seats as well.

Belt Collector

Plastic guide that connects the shoulder harness so it is harder for a child to remove their arms.

BeSafe Isofix Base

The BeSafe Isofix base is approved to 13kgs rear facing with the BeSafe infant carrier.

iZi Combi X4 ISOfix Black Cab

The iZi Combi X4 is approved rear facing on the ISOfix and forward facing on the seatbelt to a maximum weight of 18kg.

iZi Go Black

The BeSafe iZi Go is approved from Birth-13kg. This seat can be used on an Isofix base or with a lap and diagonal Seat belt only. This seat is stylishly designed but lighter and robust. When this seat is installed in the car the handle must be in an upright position.

iZi Go Modular i-Size Black Cab

The iZi Go Modular is BeSafe's first i-Size infant carrier. To conform to the R129 (i-Size) standard this seat must be used on the iZi Modular i-Size base.

iZi Kid i-Size X2 Black Cab

The BeSafe iZi Kid i-Size X2 is rearward facing only from 67-105cms.

iZi Kid/Combi Seatbelt Tether Kit

Additional tether kit for rear facing use. Allows you to safely and easily transfer the car seat between cars.

iZi Modular i-Size Base

The iZi Modular base is an ISOfix only base and is compatible with the iZi Go Modular and iZi Modular only.

iZi Modular i-Size Black Cab

The BeSafe iZi Modular is approved both rearward and forward facing to 105cms. This seat is compatible with the iZi Modular i-Size base only.

iZi Plus Black Cab

The BeSafe iZi Plus is approved rear facing from 0-25kg (recommended from 6 months). This seat has passed the Swedish Plus Test and when fitted the tether straps (supplied) must be used. This seat has a good recline which can be adjust while the child is seated.

iZi Up Fix X3 Black Cab

The BeSafe iZi Up Fix X3 is approved forward facing from 15-36kg. This seat can be fitted with or without Isofix, however, you must use the 3-point seat belt around the front of the child at all times. This seat is equipped with unique Side Impact Rotation protection, where in the event of a side collision the seat rotates 20° away.